BetFredLogoFor a high profile online betting site, Betfred offer a surprisingly limited service when it comes to handicap and Asian handicap betting. That said, if you’re after a simple and quick handicap bet, then you can’t go wrong with Betfred given their status in the world of sports betting.

Sports coverage

Betfred offer a somewhat small coverage of sports with handicap betting options compared with the other big name online bookmakers. However, you will be sure to find something of interest if you are in the market for a simple handicap bet on a popular sport such as football, tennis, rugby league and rugby union.

Within each of these sports’ markets you won’t just find the ordinary handicap bets but you will also will find some intriguing variations. Here’s a breakdown of what kind of handicap and Asian handicap bets you can expect to find:

  • Football – 3-way handicap betting, half-time 3-way handicap betting and limited Asian handicap betting.
  • Rugby league – 3-way match handicap betting, 2-way match handicap betting and alternative handicaps.
  • Rugby union – 3-way match handicap betting, 2-way match handicap betting, 3-way first-half handicap betting and alternative handicaps.
  • Tennis – game handicap betting.

As for sports with handicap options that are a bit further afield, it is slim pickings on Betfred. In fact, compared to their competitors Betfred have a very limited coverage in general of US sports such as American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey and the same goes for the likes of Aussie rules and handball – all sports which tend to have handicap betting options on other betting sites.

One thing that Betfred do offer in the absence of a really comprehensive handicap betting spread is there virtual sports page. Here you can make handicap and Asian handicap bets on simulated sporting events such as football. However, given the fact that the Asian handicap system relies on an understanding of each individual teams’ form, this virtual system naturally lacks the same appeal as actual real-life Asian handicap betting.

Market depth

Again, when it comes to the depth of each handicap market, Betfred fall short in comparison with the other big name bookmakers. While you will find a selection of alternative handicaps on the most popular sports, they do not offer anyway near the same variety as other online betting sites. This means that you will generally be presented with a handicap option which gives you odds that are as close to evens as possible and then a few alternatives with longer and shorter odds.

So if you are looking for a selection of handicap bets that isn’t going to take you all day to sort through, perhaps Betfred’s limited spread is for you!


Due to the general lack of variety and depth of Betfred’s handicap and Asian handicap markets, there are not really any ground-breaking positives to bring to attention. What a bettor can expect from Betfred however is a good quality online betting service with the bread and butter of handicap betting options. So, if you are simply after a quick and easy handicap punt on the footy or rugby, you won’t be disappointed with Betfred.


If you are after a handicap or Asian handicap that really excites your betting senses, then you are likely to be let down by what Betfred has to offer. The online bookmaker is seriously let down by a lack of Asian handicap betting options in the football markets and an often lacklustre spread of handicap options in other popular sports. Also, if you are interested in making a handicap bet on those sports which are a bit out of the ordinary, then Betfred is not the online bookmaker for you.

Moreover, the lack of truly extensive alternative handicap betting options means that you will be hard pressed to find odds that are more interesting than the standard match betting options.


All things considered, Betfred are not the best online bookmaker if you want to find a truly comprehensive spread of handicap and Asian handicap betting options.

That said, if you are happy to settle for the ordinary handicap bet on the football or a quick game handicap bet on the tennis, then Betfred will give you exactly what you need. Sadly, the bookmaker doesn’t venture much further into the extraordinary world of handicaps and Asian handicaps than that.