Handicap betting maybe the most straight forward of the handicap markets as it works in whole numbers (+1, +2 goals etc.). But I would still advise on selecting your bookmaker carefully.

Much like my Asian Handicap betting portfolio I like to ensure that I use a range of bookmakers to achieve the most profit possible. Here is an insight into my top three online sportsbooks for Handicap betting.


CoralAlongside Bet365, I also like to use Coral for Handicap betting. They are an established name in the UK and have had a presence on the high street for decades. Their online presence, however, has grown considerably over the years and they really caught my eye when it comes to Handicap betting.

Most of their competitors will only go up the -2, -3 goals on the handicap match betting on football but Coral will usually go much higher. So if you believe a team can cover the -4 or -5 handicap then Coral is the place to go and place your bets.

Admittedly, it’s quite rare I would back any team with a -4 goal handicap but there are occasions that these kind of bets make appeal. Barcelona and Real Madrid will often cover these kind of handicaps and the price on offer is much more appealing and worth the risk in certain circumstances.

Their website is also nice and user-friendly and withdrawal methods are quick and reliable too. All in all, Coral are a very useful bookmaker to have on your side.


betfair-logo-hi-resThe betting exchanges have taken a bit of a battering over the last five years or so as the competition among the traditional has the value shrink. But Betfair, however, is one betting exchange I would definitely advise using.

The odds on offer tend to be higher than using Bet365 or Coral for example, but yo do need to factor in the commission you will pay on winning bets. The big hitters will also need to be aware of the premium charge incurred on when your profit hits a certain limit.

But don’t be put off by this! The Handicap markets are plentiful and the liquidity is much higher than it used to be. Although a word of caution, if you are looking at a niche sport or league then you may need to make your bets closer to the event starting so the liquidity improves.

Betfair also have a reliable stable of tipsters and commentators that highlight specific markets and events to use Handicap betting – they also produce a stream of content that can only improve your betting and knowledge on the subject.

Final Thoughts

There is little competition for bet365 in my option when it comes to handicap betting. It won’t take you long searching through the site to see how good they have become.

That being said, they aren’t always best priced for their bets and that’s basically the reason that I also have both Coral and Betfair in my armoury should I need them. These three bookmakers combined have made a perfect portfolio of handicap betting sites and should suit the vast majority of punters out there.