888 SportIf you are after a professional online betting service which offers a huge selection of handicap and Asian handicap betting options, then look no further than 888 Sport.

They may be one of the “new kids” in the betting world, but 888 Sport have truly perfected their online services, leaving many of their more traditional competitors behind when it comes to user friendliness and depth of online betting markets.

Sport coverage

Of course, the quality of an online bookmaker’s service depends greatly on the spread of their coverage. Well, with 888 sport, you can be certain that you will find something to satisfy all of your handicap betting needs. From the ordinary and everyday, to the strange and unusual, 888 sport cater for pretty much every sporting taste with their coverage of handicap betting options.

We’ll start with what you might expect to find. All of the popular sports such as football, tennis, rugby league and rugby union offer extensive handicap options, as you might well expect from a high-end online betting service. Within each sport there are different types of handicaps on offer, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to find:

  • Football – 3-way full time handicap, 3-way first half handicap, 3-way handicap second half, Asian handicap, Asian total, Asian first half handicap, and Asian total first half.
  • Tennis – Set handicap and game handicap.
  • Rugby league – 3-way full time handicap, 2-way full time handicap, 3-way first half handicap, 2-way first half handicap.
  • Rugby union – 3-way full time handicap, 2-way full time handicap, 3-way first half handicap, 2-way first half handicap.

Going further afield, you will find handicap options available to bet on for some more obscure sports. Many popular American sports such as baseball, basketball, American football and ice hockey give you bets for standard 2-way handicaps and you will also find handicap options available for sports such as Australian rules, handball, and volleyball.

Market depth

In terms of market depth, 888 Sport offer some of the most extensive and comprehensive handicap markets in the business.

This is no more evident than in the football markets. In fact, a quick glance at the filter on the main football page on 888 Sport will show you that the number of handicap and Asian handicap bets available runs well into the thousands. Of course, it will depend on the importance of the fixture, but you can expect to see multiple handicap and Asian handicap bets offered on all big English League games. If you’re lucky you might even find some extended handicap options on foreign leagues as obscure as the Norwegian 1st division.

What this means is that you won’t just be given the handicaps which give you the most equal odds as is standard for handicap bets. But you will also be tempted with some alternative handicaps which come with higher or lower odds. So, if you’re feeling particularly lucky you can always take a punt on a handicap which gives a three goal advantage to the away team at some staggering odds. You will also get a full spread of Asian handicap options on 888 sport with most football fixtures.

As for other sports, the depth of handicap markets won’t incorporate such a vast spread as football – but this is fairly standard due to the lack of demand. That said, you can find interesting handicap betting options in Tennis which allow you to choose either a set handicap or games handicap and in the rugby league and union markets, you can choose whether to place a bet on a handicap which incorporates or eliminates the draw outcome.


When it comes to evaluating the positives of the handicap and Asian handicap services provided by an online bookmaker the key thing to look out for is the amount of choice, and 888 Sport offer that in abundance. Whilst some online bookmakers will limit their handicap selections to the handicaps which make the chance of a win or loss as close to 50/50 as possible, 888 sport give their bettors a chance to take a punt on a handicap bet with long odds which could win them big money. Alternatively, punters could play the steady game and bet on a handicap which has a 99.9% chance of winning, albeit without a huge payout.


There really aren’t too many faults in the coverage of handicap and Asian handicap betting provided by 888 Sport. They could do more to improve the depth of coverage in sports less popular than football, but that’s just being picky.


It is safe to say that 888 Sport provide one of the best online services when it comes to handicap and Asian handicap betting. With a huge spread of options and an easy to navigate website, their huge selection of handicap bets are easy to find and easy to place. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to the intricacies of handicap betting, you won’t find a more enjoyable service than that offered by 888 Sport.